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Keisha instructs the following:
  • This class is perfect for beginners as well as for intermediate clients who have a good understanding of the Pilates principles and how to be safe on the Reformer. We use multiple pieces of equipment. Get a full body workout with emphasis on your core muscles and postural alignment.

  • Introductory Class
  • This is a class for Newbies to Pilates to get oriented to the machine, learn how to find their core, and learn the basic Principles of Pilates. This class is MANDATORY for anyone never doing Pilates before or anyone unfamiliar with the Reformer. Once you take this you can then schedule into a regular class if you feel safe and competent. Otherwise you may benefit from a few Private sessions.
    Class 30 minutes.

  • This class utilizes multiple pieces of equipment including the reformer and the springboard. It is beginner to intermediate with emphasis on a full body workout. Exercises include up to intermediate reformer work and standing springboard core control. Guarantee you work muscles you didn't know you had! 
    **NOTE: Instructor approval required**
    **Intermediate students ONLY. This is not a beginners class**

  • PILATES MIX is a challenging class for clients to work with the Reformer, Spring Board and Mat throughout the class. Small equipment such as the exercise ball, resistance band and resistance circle may also be included. Prepare to work hard and have some fun!

  • Mix up your Pilates with a little Yoga to increase the stretch factor.  Help support bone strength and balance with Yoga poses held for a few breaths and Pilates sequences that work with resistance! This class is for those who like something different, something stretch and something strength!

  • This class is for Beginner Students who are just starting their Pilates Journey.  In this class, students will learn Pilates Principles and the basic Reformer and Spring Board exercises.  Emphasis is on learning to engage core muscles and use the correct form in each of the fundamental exercises.

  • Pilates on the Reformer and the Spring Board using resistance and weight to create a strong core, lean muscles and improve your balance. This class is 50 minutes. Come prepared to work hard!

  • Pilates, todos los niveles
    Una clase para principiantes y estudiantes de pilates intermedios. Este clase es para aligniamiento, balance y postura.

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