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Weight Loss Program with "Miami Slender"

Lose Weight the Easy Way...and Keep It Off For Good While Getting Into the Best Shape of Your Life!



Learn the "SECRET" to easy permanent weight loss! Retrain your "Subconscious Mind" to actually support your weight loss goals and no longer sabotage you!


I have partnered with an amazing individual, who has successfully supervised Diet Centers for years, coaching hundreds of people,{ men, women, seniors, teens)
to not only lose weight but to transform into their "Best Self" and effortlessly maintain it throughout the years.

Irene Faith Nichols, Certified Master Life Coach, Nutritional Consultant, Holistic Hypnotist, Energy Healer, Family Constellation Facilitator, International Speaker, teacher, author...
will Life Coach you into the program with new "Creative Re-Visioning" Meditations that act upon your Sub-Conscious Mind, as your co-partner, managing all the details of your
weight loss.

You will learn:

  • About "Super Energy"
  • Food choices...what to eat, when to eat, food combining and more
  • About "Triggers" that have sabotaged you in the past...and like a continuous tape will repeat the     process unless deleted and changed
  • Time Management... Energy depletion...Segment Intending
  • The true cause of your Pain, Blocks and Resistance
  • How to become the "Deliberate Creator" of your body and life
  • How to maintain "Momentum" until the "finish line"
  • How to live your "Dream Self" and be joyously happy every day


Program Details

* Private Session with Irene Faith Nichols

* Diet & Nutrition Consulting plus 1 week analysis of food journal 

* Detailed Customized Eating Plan

* WEEKLY Group Creative Revisioning/Hypnosis Sessions to reinforce the effectiveness of first session 

* Monthly Private Sessions with Irene Faith Nichols (as needed, depending on your weight loss goal)

* Before and After Pics

* Weekly Weigh Ins

* EXERCISE- Our Unique Program Includes Monthly Unlimited Pilates (Gold Membership)


Why Pilates??  

Pilates is the ideal exercise to sculpt and strengthen your body in a safe environment under the care of our expert Pilates Instructors. It is a full body resistive strengthening workout done on an apparatus, emphasizing core strengthening, and is done in the ideal "FAT BURNING ZONE!"  You definitely won't bulk up or even get injured like you could with other forms of exercise. Pilates gives you a long, lean, toned body, improved posture, enhanced balance, and more spinal stability as well as mobility!  So if back pain has been keeping you away from exercise...let Pilates get you out of pain and transform your body...and transform your life!


4-week Program Cost:  $489 


If you are already a Pilates Gold Member to just add on the weight loss program it is an additonal $289 minus 5% OFF as a membership perk! 


How many months do I need?

5-10 Pounds:   1 month

10-20 Pounds: 2 months

20-30 Pounds: 3 months

30-40 Pounds: 4 months

40-50 Pounds: 5 months

50-60 pounds: 6 months

60-70 pounds: 7 months

70-80 pounds: 8 months    and so on...





*This program is ongoing and runs in monthly intervals. Weekly group Life Coaching and Creative Re-visioning Hypnosis sessions are every Wed evening at 7:00pm.  Call now to register and get the body you deserve!


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