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Ergonomics Consultation

graphic_ergonomicsYour Sitting Posture at the Office May Be Causing Your Pain
Part of restoring balance to the body is removing the harmful stimuli which may be causing your dysfunction and pain. This may be as simple as adjusting your desk chair, repositioning your computer monitor, moving your mouse and/or keyboard or offering additional suggestions on helpful equipment to minimize strain on your body and injuries caused from “overuse” and “repetitive motion.”

We Can Come To You and Fix Your Setup
For optimal results with your course of Physical Therapy, you may want to consider having an Ergonomics Assessment Consultation (EAC) of your workstation so you can get to the root cause of your condition and/or prevent injury in the future. Your Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (CEAS) can come out to your office or even your home office and do a thorough analysis of your work station, make modifications as needed, and make suggestions on additional equipment you may need to improve your comfort, efficiency, and productivity so you can do what you do best.

Employers Lose Thousands of Dollars From Poor Office Ergonomics
Employers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from employees’ time away from work due to injury, which results in high Worker’s Compensation medical bills and poor productivity from your injured employees. Creating an ergonomically safe and effective workplace for your employees results in increased efficiency and productivity and happier employees, which greatly increases your bottom line. Our EAS identify ergonomic issues, come up with solutions to correct those problems, and help you implement the recommended changes to make each employee’s work station safer and more ergonomically safe.

Got injured employees already? We are available to provide Physical Therapy to help get them out of pain and back to work as quickly as possible. We accept most Worker’s Compensation plans. Please call our office for details.

*We are also available to do a “Lunch-n-Learn” Workshop for your employees on the basics of Ergonomics in the Workplace.

Ergonomic Consultation:

• 1-Hour Consultation at your home or office: (includes a write-up of identified problems, recommended changes, implementation of changes, and/or suggestions of additional equipment needed or equipment modification)
• Full Day of Consults: 6 hours (1 day of analysis/modification for multiple workstations)
• Lunch-n-Learn Workshop


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