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9028 SW 152nd Street, Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157


Our Philosophy

 Our goal is to RELEASE your restrictions, RETRAIN your muscles to move differently, and REALIGN your posture.


 You CAN get rid of your pain...for good with the right Physical Therapy. Because we are hands-on, one-on-one with each patient, and incorporate Pilates "postural correction" exercises into the rehab program, 80% of our clients report an 80% reduction in pain in just 5 sessions. It is our goal, and our pleasure, to get you better fast and help give you your life back. If you have had traditional PT at other places and did not get the results you were hoping for, then you are going to love us! We give you the attention you need and deserve.



We are the home of the "10-Minute Pain Elimination Treatment"  You WILL feel better!


Pain Relief In Very First Session:  Using a variety of techniques with our hands, we actually eliminate painful trigger points in seconds, like turning off a light switch. Some of our techniques include, but are not limited to, Pain Neutralization Technique, Strain-Counterstrain, and Myokinesthetic System. (for details view the "Treatments" page)

Most of our clients in first 5 sessions become relatively pain free. To keep the pain away we implement Pilates-based exercises into the rehab program to re-educate and correct movement and biomechanics, changing alignment and imbalances which are what really causes pain.  We educate every client on proper posture with daily activities as well as educate on a customized home Pilates-based program. (Check out our testimonials page) 


Post-Rehab Healthy Spine Program: On your last week of your therapy program, you may transition into our Group or Private Pilates Classes to ensure you meet your fitness goals. 


30-DAY CHECK-UP:  On your last day of therapy, you will be scheduled for a 30 day tune-up session with your PT so they can scan your body for any reoccuring triggerpoints and eliminate them.  They may also reassess your home exercise program and fine tune your postural correction exercises or address another concern that may have arisen.  



  • Private Pilates Sessions 
  • Group Reformer Classes (full body workout, small class size of 6 max)
  • Group Mat Classes (small class, great for abs and back strengthening)
  • Monthly Unlimited Pilates Packages (cost effective, combines Reformer and Mat classes, come everyday if you like for one low price)


Body Work:

  • Monthly Tune-Up with your PT (come in once a month for Trigger Point Elimination and Home Exercise Program progression *no doctor script needed, only $79...or FREE if you refer a friend!
  • Monthly, Biweekly or Weekly Massage Packages Available (with our Massage Therapists)


We are passionate about helping you "Transform Your Body…Transform Your Life."

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