Pilates-based Rehab

Your therapist will get you pain free or at least 80% pain free before introducing you to Pilates-based Rehab. This is where you work with your therapist on the Pilates equipment on specific exercises to help realign your posture and alignment. 

Group Pilates Classes

Our group Pilates classes are a fantastic way for you to continue on strengthening, stretching, and correcting your posture once you are discharged from Physical Therapy. You can take classes three times a week just like you were doing when you were one-on-one with your PT but now you are in a group of no more than 6 people, many of whom were patients too! 

Private Pilates Classes

One on one Pilates Instruction either with your PT who is also a Certified Pilates Instuctor or with one of our Pilates Instructors, depending on your needs.

Virtual Pilates Classes

For those of you who either cannot make it into the studio for our Group Pilates Classes, we have another solution which may work for you. We offer Virtual Pilates Classes. Our Pilates Instructors that teach in studio also teach these classes.