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Somebody asked me what my experience has been since starting with South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates.

I ended a long career in professional tennis with numerous musculoskeletal impairments resulting from repetitive stress, accidents, and athletic injuries. Throughout my career, I spent countless hours in physical therapy to be able to stay on the court and continue working. The result was more damaging to my body, especially as I continue to age. I am now 71 and left tennis when I was around 55.

Then five years ago, I was rear-ended and experienced an additional trauma to my preexisting cervical and lumbar disorders and their chronic pain. According to many specialists, I now require surgery. After 5 years of various physical therapy and medication, my primary doctor suggested physical therapy with Pilates as a last effort to reduce pain. Also, this bodywork could help with the surgical procedure, its outcome, and my recovery afterward. I said, “I can’t do Pilates!” He said, “Yes, you can!”

Finding Michele and her pain elimination therapies was a miracle in my life. After about 6 sessions, all the radicular radiating pain was gone and was able to walk without pain as well. All my activities of daily living have become progressively easier also; almost effortless compared to before her interventions.

What is more remarkable is how the Pilates has been putting me back together after my pain was removed. First, with one on one sessions, and then after about two months, I joined classes with about four to six others. This Pilates work has continued to put my body back together; educating, strengthening, and conditioning.

I am now looking forward to doing Pilates work as it is the single most important thing I do all day. I may still be getting the surgery, as I have 3 cervical cord compressions; however, I know without any doubt that I am making the best use of my time until then.

I had a super nice and wonderful experience. Everyone at South Miami PT and Pilates is very attentive and caring about their patients well-being. They have helped me so much with my chronic pain and I have benefited greatly from their positive attitude. All of their therapists, particularly Claudio, have been as patient as a saint. He convinced me to do all of the exercises to make me feel great again. Michele and Nelson have also greatly impacted my life because of therapy. Thank you all very much.
I have been a regular member of South Miami PT and Pilates for about 1.5 years. I take Pilates reformer classes several times a week and have noticed a huge difference in my strength and stamina. As a nurse, my work days are long and physically demanding. I used to take Aleve everyday that I worked due to back pain. Now, I don’t even think about needing it. I have noticed a big improvement in my posture too and people have commented that I look better. I am so thankful for their Pilates instruction and programs. Ive recently started yoga too for Osteoporosis and its great!
At the age of 72 I had never tried any types of Pilates and didn’t have any understanding of what it entailed. A friend introduced me to a program and was very pleased with the total experience. The instructor was very patient and knowledgeable. I felt the benefits right away and would highly recommend Pilates to everyone.
It was a a good experience to attend the South Miami Physical Therapy group. After having back and knee pain on and off for many years, I finally am pain free! In the past I have visited a number of therapists and doctors, but the pain would always return after a couple of days. The therapists of South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates are very knowledgeable and reliable. I have complete confidence in them.
Michelle is the best physiotherapist in the world, I have tried many in many countries and she wins by a mile. Highly recommended, just go! Also the Pilates classes are very good.
Michele Gust saved the day for me. After 2 weeks of being dizzy, esp. when getting out of bed in the morning or bending over, Michele detected it was BPPV, a form of vertigo, and took care of the problem with one session! One! I am grateful for her time and expertise and so relieved not to be dizzy anymore!!
This place is amazing! It gives me 1 hour of escape that is pure bliss. It makes me forget everything and gives me a great mental and physical workout. It has changed my muscle tone in a matter of a couple of months and I feel great and stronger. It’s the first time I actually look forward to a great workout! The owner, the instructors, and the front desk staff are all absolutely amazing and greet you by name 🙂 makes you feel right at home! Couldn’t recommend this place enough.
“Get ready to have your world ROCKED!” “It’s been close to a month since I took my first class and I can’t emphasize enough the change I not only feel, but can also see on my body. I have always been one of those people you could describe as a “gym rat” thinking that if I am not in agony and pain I’m not doing it right- SO WRONG! In a matter of 4-weeks I have accomplished so much in comparison to all the strength training I’ve been doing for years. In my opinion it’s an incredible workout that makes you feel strong, limber and lean. I’m not exaggerating when I say; it’s a miracle worker! ” “Now I know I’ve gone on about how great Pilates is, but where credit is deserved, it must be given. I don’t believe for a minute that my results would have been and are had it not been for the INCREDIBLE instructors and staff at South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates. The minute you walk in you are greeted with a warm smile and an enthusiastic “hello” – a small prep for what the class has in store. The atmosphere and energy couldn’t be anymore positive and supportive without the gimmick. Not to mention the place is completely spotless. There is no need to worry about getting someones leftover sweat on a mat or equipment- they are constantly wiping down and spraying/disinfecting everything. Cleanliness is definitely on their priority list, which personally I find very pleasing and has been affective.” “The treatment has been more effective than expected. For many years there has been on and off pain in my lower back and required three to six months of treatment. Within four weeks of treatment by Michele Gust the pain has nearly disappeared. Everyone here is pleasant and helpful. My recommendation will be passed to all my family and friends.”
“Caring and personal. Nelson has been my therapist and he truly makes you feel your well-being is important.”
“If you’re interested in taking up Pilates, I would HIGHLY recommend trying this facility. Danielle is one of my favorites- I know if you take one of her classes you will be hooked! I should also mention that the owner, Michele is a Physical Therapist- meaning you’re in good hands! I’m fortunate to not have any injuries, but if you do, their facility also offers a free 15-minute consultation. It’s a win win situation 😉 I don’t mean to be redundant, but YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM!”
“Michele is a true miracle worker! She gave me her undivided attention during physical therapy and guided me through certain exercises that helped me feel better. The staff is great and the Pilates instructors are amazing! Thank you so much Michele- you have healing hands.”
“Therapy at South Miami Physical Therapy is different. This is a one on one hands on approach. Michelle and her staff work with the patients individually. After 3 sessions a very cranky shoulder is significantly better. I had seen another physical therapist last year who threw a heat pack on the same shoulder, worked on it for 5 minutes and then had me go do exercises on my own. This is not how it works here! The level of expertise here is beyond what I have seen at other physical therapy clinics. If you are looking for results this is where you should go. As a healthcare professional I take my referrals very seriously and trust me- South Miami Physical Therapy is where I have seen results!”
“The therapies offered by Michele Gust at South Miami Physical Therapy have assisted in the improvement of my health. Through listening to my concerns and using the appropriate and innovative techniques my concerns have shown improvement. The center offers many different therapies that can treat a number of ailments. I have had success here.”
“I have been to numerous other physical therapists for my lower back pain (SI pain) but none can compare to the individual treatment I received from Michelle at South Miami Physical Therapy! Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and spends time with each patient learning about your specific issues. Her treatment was personalized and for the first time I was free of all of my back pain. I actually looked forward to my therapy sessions. Her staff is friendly and very accommodating. Michelle has changed my life by freeing me of the back pain I suffered from for so long. Highly recommend you try South Miami Physical Therapy! PS They have moved and have a new location so make sure you look up her new address!”
“Physical Therapy with Michelle or Guillermo is of the highest quality. I think that they have miracle hands! It is all about U as a Miami Hurricane would say. They zero in on your issues that may be years old or new ones. No matter what you need, Michelle and Guillermo will help you.”
“I can honestly say that this place changed my life. Two years ago I had a back injury, and I was looking at back surgery, then I found South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates as I was searching for a new place to have my last attempt at getting better before opting for surgery. I lived in pain everyday. After a number of sessions with Guillermo, he helped me not only to get better physically, but also showed me how to manage the pain through core training and Pilates exercises. These guys are extremely good at what they do. I highly recommend this place.”
“Michele, you and your team have given me a new body – and so much more than I could have envisioned as you moved me from chronic pain to fitness in such a short time! I wish we had taken a ‘before’ picture when I first came to SMPT&P. After years of back pain and limping on a bad knee that led to knee replacement surgery, you helped me out of pain and into full mobility so quickly that even my orthopedic surgeon was surprised. Along the way you have provided strategies for sustained improvement with regular Pilates as well as the empathetic support to stay focused on maintaining positive health habits. At age 66, I am enjoying all the benefits you talked about – full range of motion, better posture, more energy, positive attitude, improved memory, greater strength and balance. The healing environment you and everyone on your team have created is phenomenal, thank you.”
“Allthough my home gym has a full range of exercise equipment and I have been diligent about using it often, I knew that I wasn’t getting the physical tone and strength I have as a goal. With this in mind I set out to find the best Pilates program to help me reach the next level. After joining several, I noticed that most were large classes offering standard movements with little intera”Action with the instructor. When I came to South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates my experience was dramatically different. Everyone on staff gave me a warm welcome and each was genuinely interested in my history and more important, helping me achieve my specific goals. The classes at SMPT&P are small, the instructors are highly qualified and the personal attention continues to give me a sense of safety. My private lessons have given me a new appreciation for the discipline of Pilates and the personalized path to core strength missing in other programs. I can’t say enough about the professional expertise, holistic care, full range of services available and the entire SMPT&P team.”
“I love going to South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates. I’ve been going there for the last two years and even though there are other place to do pilates closer to my house I would never consider leaving this place. The teachers are knowledgeable and the physical therapy helped me when I had certain pain issues. The staff is friendly and this place is immaculate always. I highly recommend it!!!”
“This is the absolute best studio in Miami for classical pilates! I went to several studios in Miami before finding this one and none of them compared. All of the instructors are great, but Cristina is particularly amazing. I would definitely recommend!”
“I loved the initial evaluation. Michelle was interested and knowledgeable, reassuring and very assertive in her treatment. The therapy was immediately effective and I left much more comfortable than I had been in months. The fact that she takes insurance is also a load off the pocket. I’m very pleased with her staff and her facility. After 2 sessions I feel in charge of my pain, have found relief and I am confident that I can be pain free thanks to the physical therapy treatments here. Please try this for yourself!”
“This place is amazing! It gives me 1 hour of escape that is pure bliss. It makes me forget everything and gives me a great mental and physical workout. It has changed my muscle tone in a matter of a couple of months and I feel great and stronger. It’s the first time I actually look forward to a great workout! The owner, the instructors, and the front desk staff are all absolutely amazing and greet you by name 🙂 makes you feel right at home! Couldn’t recommend this place enough.”
“I have been going to South Miami Pilates for Pialtes classes for almost a year and I love the classes and the instructors are terrific. You get a great workout in a warm, friendly environment. I have recommended her studio to many of my friends and family and they all love it too! I love the variety of times for classes on the schedule. You can always get your pilates workout in!” I also went to Michelle for Physical therapy for my sciatica and neuromuscular tension. Michelle performed the Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) on me and it basically cured me. I have had physical therapy at other establishments for the same issues and it has never fully healed me. Michelle is a the BEST! She has healing hands. She is very professional and knowledgeable in her field. I would be proud to highly recommend her and her team.
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is truly one of a kind! Their compassionate, knowledgeable staff make you feel comfortable as well as secure knowing your getting the best treatment designed just for you. You truly feel the difference after one visit! I highly recommend both the Physical Therapy and the Pilates classes. Both choices are an excellent source to a path of complete wellness!”
“To Everyone, Thank you for your expertise patience, encouragement and kindness. Helping me to achieve my physical well being. I truly appreciate everyone and each part they played to help me towards my goals.”
“I feel that I receive great care! The PT’s really want to find the origin of the problems so that they can help design exercises that will strengthen/balance me and correct my problems. I also feel that the tissue manipulation is very specific and not like anything I’ve received in physical therapy before- very helpful. I also feel that everyone in the office really cares about what they do and about each person who walks in the door for help. I feel that I am learning how to take care of myself – counteracting (and hopefully correcting) the hours of sitting I do for my work. I have only worked one hour with the mat Pilates instructor, but it was a challenging class – and, once again, the technique was emphasized – something I am finding is very important. Everyone who has given me guidance or worked on me has been kind and professional, caring and very knowledgeable.”
I found this place thanks to a groupon…I have tried many other pilates studios in the south Miami area, and to be 100000% honest this place is my FAVE!!! It’s small and cozy and you really feel like you are being pampered. Parking is so easy and free. The instructor really pushes you to push yourself further in each class. The other students are so down to Earth and really friendly. Pilates here is my Saturday morning ritual and I’m a HUGE fan of them and highly recommend this studio, especially for beginners.
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is a warm caring and friendly environment to go to when you need physical therapy. Both Michele and Carlos treat you as if you are life long friends and provided continuous support and hands on therapy as opposed to just showing me how to do something and then working on another patient. It is a very warm, cozy and caring environment as opposed to big and institutional.”
South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is “as good as it gets”! As a patient of the Physical therapy department I can assure you this is treatment is top notch. Michelle has vast knowledge and in conjunction with Carlos, my PT specialist, I was able to find relief in a very short time. This is a” hands on’ approach to healing that is beyond any other I have experienced in the Miami area. If you are in need of a stellar PT program…this is second to none!
After many years of back problems including surgery for an herniated disk in my cervical, I never found relief, until I met Michelle and Guillermo. After two months of passive and active Pilates based therapy I am virtually pain free and gaining strength. There hands on approach and experience make the difference! Now I’m attending Pilates classes and I’m hooked.
“I had a very positive experience at South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates. Not only are they very professional but expert in their work. They helped me to feel physically better and showed me many ways of keeping the pain away.”
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is “as good as it gets”! As a patient of the Physical therapy department I can assure you this is treatment is top notch. Michele has vast knowledge and in conjunction with Carlos, I was able to find relief in a very short time. This is a” hands on’ approach to healing that is beyond any other I have experienced in the Miami area. If you are in need of a stellar PT program…this is second to none!”
“Words can’t say enough how appreciative I am of your services. It was just 2 months ago I was thinking the only way I was going to get better was to undergo a second back surgery. The Simple things in life like putting on socks and drying my lower body after a shower became excruciating task due to my nerve and low back pain. The doctor recommended I try Physical Therapy again, although I was hesitant of having to go through another trial of conventional Physical Therapy which did not help the first time. I guess fate placed me in your hands and Healing Touch Rehab. gave me back my life. After 17 sessions I am now enjoying activities like riding my bike and performing self-care without pain. I am more aware of my body and feel much stronger. I will continue to work on my maintenance program as prescribed. Thanks again to you and your staff, and may you have many years to come of success.”
“I was really a skeptic to going to P.T. but I had so much pain in my hip, the doctor talked me into trying Michele. She has done wonders to relieve the pain in my hip in a short time. Free of pain I can now go on to improve my balance and walking. I am getting my life back, I am so grateful to Michele. She truly has “The Healing Touch”. Thank you.”
“Name’s Sandy. 60 years old. Grew up with lots of sports. My strength compensated for significant bone and joint problems. 4 years ago stenosis gripped my sciatica group and Dr. Joel Kallan saved my ability to function. As sports were out of the question, Dr. Nordt (Kallan retired) sent me to Michele. I love it. I had no idea that soft exercises could be so difficult, and so exhausting. And they don’t make you feel ridiculous when your body fights the exercises. This stuff is the antidote to being depressed about aging.”
“I wanted to thank you for everything you have done. You are truly an amazing therapist. Your strain-counter strain technique brought me relief that I had never experience from any medication prescribed. I have recommended you to a number of people that suffer from migraines and other physical stress related issue. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and hopefully after I am done with my therapy I will be able to join one of your Pilates classes. You have truly amazing hands, that brought me true relief that no medication over the course of many years was ever able to help.”
“It is a pleasure being able to be treated at the Healing Touch. I have, so fast seeing unbelievable results after treatment. I commend the personnel/ professionals here for their sincere ability to treat each and everyone who walks through the door, especially Michele. Thank you!!!”
“This letter is to commend Michele Gust PT and her team for getting me back to a “pain- free” normal life. Michele uses her unique “strain counter strain” therapy to relieve me of a pain I was suffering due to sciatica. I am now in the “physical”, strengthening part of my therapy and look forward a healthy, active lifestyle again!”
“To the team at South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates: I want to thank you for the one on one physical therapy that I had after my bunionectomy surgery. It was most helpful for after surgery care, it helped me a great deal, but most of all, It was very important for me to have physical therapy on a one on one basis, which is very hard to find in a big group setting. Again, if I ever need physical therapy for any other reason, I will surely be calling you, and recommend you to my friends. Michele, and Carlos, you guys are wonderful! and your receptionist Jeanette is very attentive and friendly, and very helpful! Wishing you much success!! A very happy patient. Thank you!!”
“When I started coming to Healing Touch I had a lot of body pain and tension, and with the help of the team here I feel better after every session. After 2 months I can see and feel the difference in my body! Thank you for all the patience the staff had with us. Much appreciated.”
“What I enjoy most is positive energy and experience dedicated to helping me get back to 100%. I see myself and the people around me getting better and I trust the therapists who are working with me.”
“You are professional, knowledgeable and have a high level of customer service.”
“Friendly, knowledgeable staff and trainers.”
“The hands on personal attention gave me confidence to do the exercises. The Pilates component provided a more complete treatment for my back problem. And I could see beyond the therapy to a life style change which includes regular Pilates exercise.”
“Hola (Hello): I am Mauricio Urruela and I am here to thank you all for your help when I was in need of major rehabilitation. The therapist here are perfect and helped me to walk again. I am now running and riding a horse playing polo again. Thanks to your therapist and the facility I am a recuperated person again. I will continue with what I have learned here a take care with everything to be alive and in good conditions.”
“After just two treatments I was able to go to sleep without wearing my wrist brace for the first time in months! Michele and her team are helping me so much with the pain.”
“Thanks to South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates I’ve been able to gain full range of motion in my left ankle and pain has been reduced significantly in just a few sessions. I’ve also become more aware of my overall body health and fitness.”
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates has given me remarkable results after only six sessions from a serious and very painful shoulder condition that had given me problems for a year. I am now able to move my arm much more freely and have almost full range of movement and expect to soon be back in excellent condition after my full number of sessions. Michele and Guillermo have a healing touch that obviously comes from within and is transferred to the elimination of the pain within my body. I am so very grateful to have found them.”
“I was referred to South Miami PT and Pilates by Dr. Ritters office. I had a choice. I chose here and stayed. I have a problem with my hips and shoulder and right wrist(set twisted). After the first session I had relief in my hips and shoulder. Further sessions have given more relief and unknotted knots I never knew I had. The staff are determined, caring, calm, and friendly. I find relief I forgot existed and will continue my sessions for as long as it takes to relieve all pain.”
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is the best! I feel stronger after a few months of doing therapy and Pilates and my back is feeling great! The environment is peaceful and welcoming, the staff professional, knowledgeable and so gracious and accommodating! I love this place!!!!! Thank you for all you have done for me!!!!!!”
“Very clean, excellent workout and also helpful if you do not know too much about Pilates. Great instructors!”
“I felt less pain in joints after Physical Therapy–one session–and was given instructions as to how I might continue exercising to alleviate pain at home.”
“My experience at South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates has been amazing. I came in with pain that I’ve had for about four years, and within 5 sessions, I started to have pain free days, all thanks to my wonderful therapist Carlos Diaz. Carlos uses a less painful approach which my body loves. Anytime I have pain I know where to go and who to contact.”
“The best place for Pilates and Physical Therapy and Acupuncture in Miami! I highly recommend! I have been there as a client for over 2 years!”
“Great. Love the classes!!!! Her instructions are clear and easy to follow in the Pilates mat class.”
“My experience with “South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates” has been the most successful. My pain was treated in the most professional way, everybody at S.M.P.T.A.P. are so nice and they teach you the most interesting techniques to make your body feel better. I personally have to do dialysis treatments three times a week but, with the care of S.M.P.T.A.P. I have come to learn how to control my muscles during treatments. Again, I thank everyone at S.M.P.T.A.P. for their support and professionalism, you guys know what you do. Sincerely, P.S. Special thanks to Nelson Aviles, excellent person and Physical Therapist. Jeanie, excellent, and nice lady always in control.
“With just some pressure on certain areas as my upper leg and lower back, the pain vanished as if the therapist was no longer pressing at all.”
“I’ve only been here four times and my back and knee feel so much better. The difference is like night and day. I came here mainly for and acute pain tat was almost crippling me, after the second time I could already notice the difference.”
“Great studio, great instructor”
“I have four sessions with Michele Gust and Have had more progress, and less pain than anything I’ve tried in four years. These includes injection, medication, acupuncture, massage, etc. Through her massage & exercises, I have had several days with no pain at all.”
“Efficient and cautious staff, great location full service and your body will “thank you.” What else could you ask for?!”
“I am so very pleased that I came to S.M.P.T.A.P. for therapy. After my first session with you, my hopes for relief of my pain were realized. It was amazing! I slept a peaceful night and woke up know the pain was “on the run.” You have helped me so much. I thank you very much.”
“When I read the owner’s Bio (Michelle), I thought the idealistic intentions she had for starting this business were impossible to find (at least in Miami)! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong:) I now do Pilates there on a regular basis. The instructions are professional, experienced and truly have your best interest in mind. They cautiously watch each and every client and cater the exercises to the persons in the room. I couldn’t be more pleased that I found this place!”
“I went to Michelle and her team a few months ago without the ability to walk on my feet. I was in such terrible pain. After just a few short sessions, I was feeling much better. She is great. The environment is warm and friendly. When you walk in you are always greeted by a smile and positive energy from everyone that works there”
“Michelle, Guillermo, and Carlos are a great team. I went to them with serious knee pain and after four short weeks of therapy I am running without pain again. They are attentive and thorough. Very professional and friendly. The incorporation of pilates techniques into physical therapy makes a huge difference compared to other physical therapy I have attended. I would recommend going for physical therapy or to just take a Pilates class.”
“When I first arrived I felt as if I was never going to recuperate my knee but later on my first few visits I felt so good that I thanked God that I came to the perfect place, they have helped me recuperate and feel so good, THANK YOU so much Guillermo, Michelle, Carlos and Jeanette for always treating me well always God bless you.”
“This is a great place for physical therapy, rehab and Pilates! Michele and her team are awesome, and I have to say the Pilates is life changing! I really feel comfortable with the Pilates instructors… they are professional, nice, funny, and your well being is their #1 priority. It’s also located right on Red and Sunset in South Miami, with lots of parking, great hours… I highly recommend it!”
“Michele Gust saved the day for me. After 2 weeks of being dizzy, esp. when getting out of bed in the morning or bending over, Michele detected it was BPPV, a form of vertigo, and took care of the problem with one session! One! I am grateful for her time and expertise and so relieved not to be dizzy anymore!!”
“I go to South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates to practice Pilates. The classes are very professional, the atmosphere friendly and I strongly recommend Pilates as a comprehensive work-out good for anyone’s health and well being. Thanks!”
“Before I arrived for my first treatment I had terrible pain in my right hip and across my back. After the second visit the pain was almost gone. I continue with therapy and it is strengthening all my body parts and I am getting more strength and control from where I was. Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. I am thrilled to be here and in such good hands blessings to all.”
“Since I started doing this Miami Slender program and successfully losing the weight I’m walking around feeling SO good without even knowing why.”
“Since I started Miami Slender I’ve lost 25 pounds. Prior to pilates I was suffering carpal tunnel pain, and tennis elbow. They are both gone and my body is leaner and toner.”
“I am amazed that I am feeling pain free in my back after about 6 sessions my left knee shows considerable improvement with less pain and more flexibility. I am able to walk more because I have more confidence with balance. Thanks to South Miami PT and Pilates.”
“I am very pleased with your organization. You have the best therapist and highly professional staff. After years of visiting different physical therapy offices I believe south Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates is the best in every way.”
“I couldn’t have asked for better treatment! The therapist were kind and helped me get back to the pain free me! So humbled for the experience in South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates!”
“I came to South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates because I was in terrible pain. My lower back Sciatic nerve, legs and knees hurt. I was also extremely weak, especially in my legs. My therapist Guillermo and Carlos devised routine for my treatment. Within the first three sessions I was amazed how much stronger I was and the decrease in pain was great. I am constantly surprised when I realize I can do things that in the past were physically impossible . I am on my 6th session and feel great, better than I ever thought I would. The staff is great, very friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you all so much.”
“I moved to Miami in Nov. 2014 and searched for a Pilates studio to feel at home in. I finally found it at South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates it’s a warm place with phenomenal instructors and wonderful clientele.”
“After 3 sessions with Guillermo post surgery, my foot was remarkably improved. I highly recommended this rehab center, friendly, highly competent staff and noticeable results.”
“It has truly been a pleasure! The name “healing Touch” is very appropriate. Thank you!”
“South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates center is a wonderful place to go for healing and getting rid of pain. I had Michele Gust as my P.T. and she many methods tailored to your individual needs. The center is a very calm place and you don’t feel like you are in a factory. I highly recommend going here so that you can begin to feel better!”
“I highly recommend Michele, not only did I get better, but I now know things to do to prevent future injury. And the personal treatment is wonderful.”
“I love it! I am pain free after my physical therapy and now doing my Pilates classes 3 times a week! Every one from the attendants, physical therapists and Pilates teachers are so nice and attentive and seams like to really care about us! I also like the easy way to sign up for the classes on line! So, I am planing to continue with my Pilates classes even though I have to drive 45 minutes to get there!”
“South Miami Physical Therapy any Pilates has a positive and hope filled atmosphere where healing is found. The traditional and not so traditional methods used by Michele are gentle and effective. I began therapy with tears of pain and finished smiling. Thanks to Michele and staff”
“Michele and Jenny are the best. Knowledgeable and patient – giving helpful recommendations to improve flexibility and mobility for daily life. Both pushed us and were professional.”
“I went to Michelle and her team a few months ago without the ability to walk on my feet. I was in such terrible pain. After just a few short sessions, I was feeling much better. She is great. The environment is warm and friendly. When you walk in you are always greeted by a smile and positive energy from everyone that works there.”

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