Benefits of Pilates and Yoga for the Aging Population

As a physical therapist in Miami for more than 23 years,I have seen hundreds of people of all ages who experience pain.The most common complaint is back and neck pain,which can be pinpointed to muscular imbalances seen from pos-tural misalignments.

With posture being the outward expression of the nervous system, the key to eliminating pain is in balancing theposture. This is a two fold process. First, it is necessary to minimize excessive tension in the muscles through various hands-on techniques. Secondly, it is necessary to use corrective exercises to hold every-thing together, sort of like glue, which is also what keeps painful from returning.

At South Miami Physical Therapy & Pilates, we use cutting-edge techniques to eliminate pain quickly and then get people on the Pilates equipment as soon as possible so they can fully correct their imbalance. Once progress is made and their pain is gone, our clients may then go upstairs to our full Pilates studio, called Studio M Pilates and Yoga.

Co-Owner Marion Robinson and In both have a similar goal – to help our clients balance the body through “mindful, methodical, movement” in a safe envi-ronment where we pay strict attention to body alignment and form. And with limited class size, each client gets the full attention of a seasoned instructor, so that they may get optimal results.

With people living longer now, it is absolutely crucial they start taking care of their bodies at an earlier age. Both Pilates and Yoga are ideal, as they nourish the spine, improve strength, exibility, spinal alignment, and posture – which are all key to a pain-free body. Although Yoga and Pilates are quite different, they compliment each other well. Pilates classes use mat and equip-ment to focus on core strength, alignment and stabilization of the spine.

Yoga works with props such as chairs, blocks and blankets, to ensure the full benefit for each client in each pose; with a focus on flexibility, alignment, strength and stress reduction. Both work with Mind Body connection using breath to guide movement.

Studio M Pilates and Yoga offers both Hatha Yoga and Yoga Therapy classes. For clients with specific health goals, a Certified IAYT Yoga Therapist can help address many issues that might keep aging or injured clients out of a regular class.

Let Pilates and Yoga be your key to a pain free body… remember, posture matters!


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