Physical Therapy

Pain is not something you just have to live with. When you have pain it is a sign that there is an imbalance in your body. Pain often comes from a combination of some muscles being tight and contracted and others being weak. Perhaps you spend a lot of time in one position, such as sitting at the computer all day, and therefore are developing repetitive stress and strain in certain muscle group. I am here to tell you that you do not have to “just live with it.” There is something you ca do about it. Physical Therapy is the treatment of choice for all the hip or knee, ankle sprains, Plantar Fascitis, Radiculopathy, muscle strains, tendonitis, and even chronic headaches and migraines can get released with GOOD PHYSICAL THERAPY.

Now having said that not all Physical Therapy is effective. If you have ever has therapy and were basically given a series of “standard” exercises and left by yourself to do them, this most probably was ineffective. When your body is in pain what it needs is specific hands-on treatments that are targeted for your particular imbalance. This is where the evaluation process is crucial. On your first session your therapist should know right away where the root cause of your pain is coming from and then design a specific customized program to address it. Well, as a PT for 24 years now I can tell you to get results you need to be with the same therapist every time and be one on one with them. And the hands-on techniques they use are the KEY to getting you pain free. This is where we excel. We are one-on-one and hands on with every single client so we get results FAST. We also use a combination of advanced, cutting edge techniques that “turn off” pain in just minutes! No matter how bad your Arthritis is, your knee pain is, or how bad your shoulder hurts, by realigning the body through a series of neurological  releases you can become pain free! And you will look exactly the same on X-Ray or MRI! Its all about releasing the soft tissues and that creates change in the alignment of the joints which ultimately reduce your pain. Give us a try. We are different. Then once you are pain free we introduce you to specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the correct muscles and TEACH you how to keep your pain away for good. This is where Pilates-based rehab comes into play and a solid Home Exercise Program. We also have group Pilates classes that you can transition into once you are feeling better!

Cutting Edge Pain Relieving Techniques

Myokinesthetc System

Michele Gust, PT is a certified Myokinesthetic Practitioner and the first one in Miami. This unique, research-driven technique was created to relieve pain by correcting,balancing the nervous system.


This is an advanced manual therapy technique releases protective spasm in all tissues of the human body. Every tissue can actively contract and produce pain as a protective response to trauma or stress.

Pain Neutralization

Uses light pressure to eliminate chronic pain in seconds through newly uncovered neurological reflexes. Clients call this the “magic wand” technique or the “pain eraser.”

Virtual PT/Telehealth

If you work from home, we will go to your home, analyze you at your workstation doing what you do, take a history of your main complaint, how it started, where it hurts, and then make a plan to fix the problems.  First, we will adjust on the spot your chair, keyboard positioning, monitor height/position, etc and if something cannot be adjusted to be ergonomically correct we will suggest appropriate equipment that is economical and then follow up and come back for a final assessment/set up of the new equipment. In addition, we will give corrective exercises and recommend treatment, braces, products that will help ease your pain with the option for remote/virtual PT 3 times a week to make sure you do the exercises and get results.