Your therapist will get you pain free or at least 80% pain free before introducing you to Pilates-based Rehab. This is where you work with your therapist on the Pilates equipment on specific exercises to help realign your posture and alignment. The advantage of working on the machines is that you get assistance and also resistance at the same time which helps you get stronger, faster, and all while avoiding pain and reinjury. This is great for people with back pain, Sciatica, knee pain or Arthritis and even shoulder injuries. People with Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are usually quite surprised as to how much they can actually do on the Reformer and how it does not aggravate their pain. Your therapist will help you achieve your goals and then also come up with a Home Exercise Program for you to continue doing specific things at home. And for those of you who refuse to exercise at home you can arrange for Virtual sessions with your PT so they can walk you through it, or you can come to our Group Pilates Classes performed in the office, upstairs with one of our seasoned instructors or possibly even with a PT who is also a Pilates Instructor.